Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Islamic Women Clothing: Abaya

Islamic people are known for their unique kind of culture. Instead of their language and rituals, their clothes, jewellery and literature also reflect their culture. Their way of clothing also signifies their custom and when we talks about women clothing, the image of a wholly covered lady appears in our mind. This dress they wear is known as Abaya. Reason behind the origin of this dress is to protect the women from evil eyes. But now days this dress has become the symbol of fashion not only in the Islamic countries but in whole the world. This dress is of many types:

Lilly 2 pieces Abaya-This dress is made from black Mostaqbl fabric. There is a split down both sides of the dress. This dress is designed with beautiful embroidery on the front and the sleeves end.

Bisth Abaya-In this dress Crack knobs used to close the front. It has a V outlined neck. This dress is made from crepe Forsan. It gives a slackly and stylish look.

Modern Abaya-This dress is made of squishy fabric solution. It is the simplest form of the dress having black embroidery over sleeves end.

Flame embroidery-Its unique kind of embroidery differentiates it from other dresses. As the name signifies, the dress has beautifully embroidered arms and neck.   

Laila-This dress is made of back mustagbal soft crepe material. It holds a button at the front. This dress gives a legitimate look.

The dress is a symbol of Islamic women culture.

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